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From Hite Parts Exchange’s founding in 1938 to now, customer service is our top priority. We strive to be the premier remanufacturer of repair parts for auto, truck, industrial, agriculture, and marine applications.

Repair your vehicle with parts from a respected company

At Hite Parts Exchange, we are always surprised to find how much others are charging for their rebuilt auto parts. We are offering our years of quality rebuilding experience to web-based customers such as yourself, at truly wholesale prices. We employ a strong team of parts professionals in our central Ohio facility and ship throughout the U.S. daily.

Our inventory of parts for Ford vehicles is exceptional. Our founder, Ernie Hite, started in 1938 rebuilding fuel pumps and carburetors for Ford vehicles and selling them exclusively to Ford dealers. Since then, we have continued to maintain a close relationship with many Ford dealers, and still have a reputation for being able to supply most of their rebuilt parts needs.

In the early 1980s, we saw the need for change and expanded our operation to include all major manufacturers’ product lines. Since then, we have grown to the level of full coverage on all major domestic and import lines.

Owner Tom Blake has been with Hite Parts Exchange for 28 years, with over 42 years of parts experience. He is actively involved in the operation and enjoys the new challenges which come our way daily.

Our rebuilding operation is made up of four departments:

  • Carburetor and Distributor
  • Electrical (Alternators, Generators, Starters, and Motors)
  • DC Motor Division
  • Brake, Clutch, and Water Pumps

Our department supervisors are eager to help solve your parts problems.


Take advantage of our high-quality and fast rebuild process!

We can typically rebuild your part within 24 hours or we can exchange it from our expansive inventory. We offer this quick turnaround on many hard to find items, specializing in units for the following applications:

  • Cars and Light Trucks
  • Heavy Duty Trucks
  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Marine Engines

All units are completely remanufactured to OEM specs and fully tested.

If you are restoring a vehicle or piece of equipment, the rebuild and return program will work well for you, thus helping to keep your vehicle original.

In addition to the remanufacturing we do in-house, we also stock and sell several other product lines. Please call or e-mail us to discuss your parts needs, whether for one item or several to maintain a fleet of many vehicles. We have the experience, the parts, the people, and the wholesale prices to make doing business with Hite Parts Exchange easy!


We are a supplier of new and remanufactured alternators for cars, agricultural equipment, industrial, and trucks.

Battery Chargers

Take a look at new battery chargers, or we can rebuilt your existing chargers.


You can buy a new or remanufactured carburetor or have yours rebuilt by expert staff.

Clutch Kits

We are a supplier of new and remanufactured clutch kits available for numerous applications.

DC Motors

Hite Parts Exchange is a leader in rebuilding DC motors for a number of industrial applications.


We are a supplier of distributors for agricultural, automotive, industrial, and light trucks.


We are a supplier of new and remanufactured starters for cars, agricultural equipment, industrial, and trucks.

Water Pumps

We are a supplier of new and remanufactured water pumps for cars, agricultural equipment, industrial, and trucks.

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